Lancashire West Circuit

Circuit Churches

These are the churches in our circuit and the principle minister associated with them.

Revd Michael C. Tindsley (Superintendent Minister)
Tel. 01704 893230   E-mail:

 Burscough Methodist Church
   Orrell Lane, Burscough
   Holmeswood Road, Holmeswood

Revd Stephen R. Foster
Tel. 01772 600213   E-mail:

 Croston Methodist Church
   Westhead Road, Croston
 Holmes Methodist Church
   Park Lane, Holmes
 Tarleton Methodist Church
   Church Road, Tarleton
 Mawdesley Methodist Church
   Four Lane Ends, Mawdesley

Revd Sue Guenault
Tel. 07468 518260   E-mail:

 Emmanuel Methodist/United Reformed Church
   Derby Street, Ormskirk

Revd Rachel Hope
Tel. 01695 550903   E-mail:

 Trinity Methodist/URC Church
   High Street, Skelmersdale
 Upholland Methodist Church
   Alma Hill, Upholland, Skelmersdale

Revd Richard W. Preston
Tel. Tel. 01695 725014   E-mail:

 Church at the Centre (Methodist/Baptist/Urc/Anglican)
   The Ecumenical Centre, Northway, Skelmersdale